I hope you are enjoying my photography. Now a little about me and Desdelan Photography.

Ever since I was a small boy looking through tabletop books with wonderful pictures of wildlife and scenic mountain panoramas I have had an interest in world of photography. Those photos and those that I found in the famous and wonderful photographically oriented magazines we all grew up with left a powerful impression on me and stirred a desire to create images like these. I wanted to be able to express myself and capture the world I see and love.

Life has a way of changing our directions and so I became wrapped up in pursuing other endeavors and earning a living, but my affinity to photography has always been there.

Finally a few years ago I was able to purchase my first DSLR camera and was finally able to start learning and expressing myself. After taking photos of many different aspects of life and developing my skills I finally decided to start Desdelan Photography as my engine to share my work and passions with everyone. Desdelan Photography is dedicated to sharing the wonderful world, as seen through the camera lens. The mission of Desdelan Photography is to create voyages through photography; to take my viewers to wonderful places, times, people, events, and all the beautiful things things life has to offer.

Enjoy your journey with me and come back often to see what is new and where I'm going next. Please feel free to contact me if you can use my services or have requests or questions.

Thank you for your patronage,

Michael Boettcher
Photographer at Large