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Pictures from the 2016 Grafton Trail Riders Over the Mountain Ride.
GTR OTM 2016-002GTR OTM 2016-005GTR OTM 2016-006GTR OTM 2016-007GTR OTM 2016-008GTR OTM 2016-011GTR OTM 2016-015GTR OTM 2016-016GTR OTM 2016-017GTR OTM 2016-018GTR OTM 2016-019GTR OTM 2016-020GTR OTM 2016-021GTR OTM 2016-023GTR OTM 2016-025GTR OTM 2016-026GTR OTM 2016-027GTR OTM 2016-028GTR OTM 2016-029GTR OTM 2016-033